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The Universe Is Grateful For You – November 2019 Conscious Community Magazine Article

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

I was honored to be included in Conscious Community Magazine’s November issue focusing on gratitude. Thanksgiving is an exceptional time to remember all our blessings including those we sometimes forget to notice. My article helps open your awareness to how often the Universe is helping so you can experience a shift in consciousness and enjoy all the Universe has to offer!



By Sandy Daliege

The Universe has a very giving nature. Have you noticed?

Every day the Universe is providing you with opportunities to be grateful. People you meet, circumstances you encounter, the flower on the side of the road when you’re stopped in traffic. Beauty surrounds you all the time but sometimes the blessings are disguised so you have to look closely to appreciate them. For example, driving in the rain may seem like an inconvenience, but when you get to see a rainbow, it’s not so gloomy after all. Or flying on a rainy day; once you move beyond the clouds, the sun is shining. That’s what life is like. Once you clear your vision, life is always shining for your benefit in some way, whether you’re aware of it or not. Gratitude helps you see the rainbow.

That’s how the Universe works. You’re never alone; it’s constantly working with you, conspiring to help you grow. When you’re open to it, it gives you a nudge to pay attention. Look over here, listen to this, stop for a moment. So when you open a book at random and you get an answer to something you’ve been wondering about, or you hear a song that transports you into another dimension, or a friend says just the right thing to ease your aching heart, you’ve experienced the Universe providing comfort and inspiration. These are moments to be grateful for.

Pay attention to your life; there’s no such thing as a coincidence. You don’t want to miss a moment of all the beautiful ways the Universe is helping you sculpt your unique expression.

Children are naturals at this; they live in a state of wonder. While we’ve made life very complicated, children simply live in the moment, practicing mindfulness with ease. I learned a lot observing my daughter growing up. When she was about three years old, I remember rushing to get everything into my car for work, while she stood admiring a rock on the ground. When I turned around to ask her what she was doing, she said, “Mom, look at this cool rock!” (She was into rocks.) She was right. It was a cool rock; and I was missing it.

Gratitude is a practice that reminds us to see life through the eyes of a child and through the Eyes of the Soul. My daughter experienced the wonder of the rock while my Soul experienced a joyful connection with my daughter; and I was grateful she reminded me of the beautiful spiritual union that exists within us all.

This is true of every encounter. You are a gift to every person you meet; and they are a gift to you. Giving and receiving; it becomes as natural as breathing, in and out. This is the natural order of life; to give and to receive. The Universe gives you the opportunity to share your gifts with others and you get the opportunity to receive their blessings in return. Of course, you may not recognize the gift they’re offering at first but take a moment to reflect on all the people in your life for there’s something to be learned from everyone. Even a lesson like patience can be a blessing if that’s a quality that needs strengthening within you. But be discerning; the idea is to be grateful for every experience but not critical or judgmental. You want to see the value that exists in everything and everyone, including yourself.

Your Soul can be helpful with this for it views life through the eyes of Unconditional Love. The Soul is your true identity; your Authentic Self. You do not have a Soul, rather you are the Soul, a Divine, Loving Spiritual Being connected to all the spiritual qualities within the Universe. But throughout your incarnation, you’re also living with an inner child, your subconscious, who’s able to see the wonder of life but sometimes also gets worried or afraid or overwhelmed. Your role as the Soul is like a parent to that child. You need to nurture it, calm its fears, watch over it and guide it in a loving, compassionate way. Since your subconscious is your life partner, helping you accomplish everything you do, it deserves to be praised for those accomplishments and treated with love, respect and gratitude. Praise is a form of unconditional love, which helps you grow in self-esteem and self-worth.

The same goes for every person in your life. Remind your loved ones how much they mean to you. Tell them you love them. Praise them for the qualities you admire in them. That kind of gratitude goes a long way in enriching healthy relationships.

What about your own unique gifts and blessings you’ve already welcomed into your life? They need to be acknowledged as well. It’s helpful to sit down and literally make a list. Expressing gratitude in this way is a very healthy practice. It’s a great idea to start or end each day, reflecting on your blessings and your value; for you are a very unique individual expressing talents, skills, and qualities that only you can bring to life. You are a gift to the world; you make a difference. You’ve attracted relationships and opportunities, and accomplished things that only you could’ve done. Write all these down. It will help bring you clarity for fulfilling your purpose in life where all your unique qualities fall into alignment so you can shine your Light in the world.

Michelangelo stated, “I saw the Angel in the marble, and I carved until I set it free.” We are all sculptors, setting our Souls free to express our Divine Light and Love in our own unique way. Gratitude helps give you that freedom.

That alignment came for me 40 years ago when I learned a simple, ancient philosophy that awakened my Soul. Hearing this truth was like coming Home; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, everything fell into place and I experienced a shift in Consciousness that aligned me with my highest expression. I continue to be graced beyond measure as I now share this philosophy through my center, The Arche Meditation Center of Purpose and Joy. Arche stands for the Divine Principles with us and I seek to help others discover their own purpose and set themselves free to enjoy the wonder of life. I am truly thankful, grateful and blessed to have played a part in so many people’s lives who’ve surrendered to receive all the richness the Universe has to offer.

The Universe is grateful for you. Life can be an enjoyable adventure when you surrender to the beauty that surrounds you. Open your heart and receive the myriad of blessings the Universe has waiting for you.


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