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About Us

Find Your Authentic Path

Arche Meditation Center of Purpose and Joy

Helps You Discover the Beauty and Power of Your True Self ...

Embrace Your Individuality ~

Everyone is on a journey of self-realization and as soon as you’re ready to grow, your authentic path will appear to you.  Arche classes have been shared for over 50 years throughout the world helping people rediscover their true self, their chosen path, and supporting all their needs on their life journey.


Based on an ancient philosophy, using consciousness as a guide, Arche helps you remember who you truly are, recognize your value and free yourself to live a life of Purpose and Joy.  Purpose for your Soul to answer those questions, “Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and live a fulfilling life, and joy for your inner child, your Subconscious, to enjoy a healthy, happy life filled with love and laughter as you surrender to all the richness the Universe has to offer.

... Journey with Us and Explore Your Path to Discover Your Authentic Self ...



Sandy Daliege

Owner and Instructor

Worth, Illinois


May Ristich


Gill, Massachusetts

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