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The Magic of Mindfulness Seminar

Our one-day seminar awakens your awareness to experience the beauty of every moment, including the qualities within yourself to recognize your own value, strength, peace and power.

Life can be much easier than you've been told ~

By increasing your conscious awareness of life, you’ll open up to all the opportunities that already surround you, waiting for your permission to come into your life.  You’ll get all the tools you need to experience the richness of a mindful life.

Recognize your value ...

Don’t wait for someone else to tell you how valuable you are … believe in yourself! Too often you’re basing your self-esteem and self-worth on other people’s opinions. Our Mindfulness Seminar helps you free yourself from these limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs to reveal the beauty of your authentic self.

You’re missing all the cool rocks …

With mindfulness, you’ll see things in your life that you’ve been missing; like your friends, nature, everything! We want to get back to experiencing the wonder. Kids are good at that. When my daughter was three, I was so busy getting everything in the car to get to work, I turned to find out where the heck she was. She was kneeling down, smiling and looked up at me saying, “Mom, look at this cool rock!” (She was into rocks…) She was right. I was missing everything. Not anymore.

Let the Magic begin …

Arche’s The Magic of Mindfulness Seminar helps you experience this shift in consciousness. With this one-day seminar, you’ll see yourself in a new way, discovering your best qualities to recognize your value. With mindful meditation you’ll become more resilient as you relax your body, calm your mind and tune into a whole new level of awareness. No matter what’s going on around you, you’ll stay centered and peaceful as your Soul helps your inner child handle life’s challenges. You’ll develop all the things that make life worth living; good health, great relationships, laughter, love and purpose. Join us for our next Seminar.

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