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Healing The Ego Seminar

Our one-day seminar helps you repair and transform your Ego to have a healthy expression.

The Ego is seriously misunderstood ~

The Ego plays such an important role in our identity; like the missing link to complete self-realization. Yet everyone’s looking to destroy it. Rather than destroying your Ego, how about transforming it instead? The Ego’s been sorely neglected by your Soul and now needs some help to repair that damage to have a healthy expression.

Once you learn how your Ego functions, your life will never be the same …

You encounter negative Ego behaviors every day that can be disruptive, but do you have the skills to manage these encounters in a healthy, positive manner? When you realize the Ego is only behaving poorly because it’s been wounded and damaged, you can redirect your Ego to bring out its positive qualities that are essential for healthy self-esteem and confidence. And you’ll learn how to handle other people’s Egos in a constructive way, without creating more damage for yourself or them … it’s a win-win.

Bring out your healthy voice …

You need to be heard … know you matter … feel valued … recognize your life has meaning. When you heal your Ego, your Ego stops resisting your life and aligns with your Soul to give you your most beautiful, effective voice ever.

Transform your life …

Step into the most beautiful version of you; your Authentic Self! Join us for our next Seminar! **This seminar is for continuing students only who’ve already taken our Blueprints for the Soul Class or our Magic of Mindfulness Seminar. Either of these Programs are a prerequisite to attend as we build on information and techniques already established.

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