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Terry and Sandy Daliege …


Make a Donation in Terry’s name to Support Arche ~

My dear husband and life companion of 45 years, Terry Daliege, passed away suddenly at the end of January of 2022.  Terry played an important role in the foundation and continuation of the Arche organization throughout the years.  His support and vision allowed Arche to continue to grow and expand to provide the many life fulfilling classes we now offer you.  Terry introduced me to this empowering philosophy and for 40 years we’ve continued to share consciousness and joy ever since; many lives have been blessed as a result.


Terry and I shared a common purpose to dedicate our lives to be of service and contribute to people’s lives and growth, looking for the best in everyone and helping them recognize their value to bring out the best version of themselves.  We created a beautiful life filled with love and joy, mindful practices I share with all my classes.


Many people have asked me how they could make a contribution to Arche in Terry’s name to honor him and support all he stood for.  I am grateful for your thoughtful suggestion and know he is honored by your request.

Thank you so much for all your kindness, thoughtful gestures, and your support.  You’ve touched my heart … I feel your Love … I am grateful.  It’s been a time of great change for me but I am strengthened by your Light and Love.  As I’ve often stated, you make a difference … and together we Light up the World.  Many Blessings to You!

Peace and Love,



I’ve included a tribute to Terry below.  I wrote this shortly after his passing.  I think it illustrates the beauty of his Soul’s Essence.

Clear Water Lake

A Tribute to Terry Daliege

My dear husband and companion of 45 years, Terry, passed away at the end of January.  He made a quick transition and my daughter Courtenay and I were there to say goodbye.  He had not been challenged with any illness, rather was happy, peaceful and content.  We had simply shared another lovely evening together and then in true Terry fashion, he left like a shooting Star blazing a trail of Light into the skies.  Terry was larger than life and I think his body simply couldn't contain him anymore, he needed to fly free ... so he left the way he lived, in a Blaze of Glory.


I feel Blessed and deeply grateful to have shared so many wonderful years with Terry.  He was the most extraordinary person I ever met.  Terry lit up the room wherever he went.  He had a magical way of inviting people to relax, open up and share their life stories.  People were drawn to him.  They felt safe sharing, knowing they wouldn’t be ridiculed or judged, simply accepted and loved for who they were.  He listened thoughtfully, helped them recognize their value, the importance of being true to themselves, and that we are all worthy and deserving of love.


Terry was also mischievous and joyful, always ready with a story, making everyone laugh.  He was like a force of nature, strong and powerful, yet gentle and nurturing. He truly cared for all Souls and devoted his life to helping others.  He was kind, compassionate, intelligent, wise and amazingly courageous.  He enjoyed life to the fullest, with passion, wonder, curiosity, joy, integrity and above all, Unconditional Love.


He was a wonderful father to our daughter, Courtenay and her husband, Dan, embracing them with love, setting an example of what family really means.  He shared his professional knowledge and wisdom with them, inspiring them and reminding them of the importance of staying true to yourself while leading with honesty and compassion.  He rejoiced in all their accomplishments, supported their growth and was so proud of the wonderful people they are, so grateful to be a part of their lives, to be Dad … and sometimes, Daddy.


Terry and I wandered the Universe together, sharing our time relaxing, talking philosophy, listening to music and thoroughly enjoying life.  He was perfect for me.  He had an extraordinary mind and helped me see things in ways I’d never imagined.  We shared incredible experiences together; he made life an adventure.  He was the master of fun, helping everyone to lighten up and enjoy life.  He made me laugh, filled my life with Joy and my heart with Love.  We helped each other bring out the best version of ourselves, to Be the Radiant, Divine Expression of Light and Love that every Soul truly is.  I loved him deeply just as he loved me.  Together we demonstrated how beautiful life can be when lived with dignity, respect, honor and Love.  I am grateful and Blessed to have walked by his side.  He will always be with me.  I still behold him as a beautiful Radiant Soul filled with Light and Love…and he’s having great fun on the other side of life…


Since Terry and I recognized there’s no such thing as death, simply a continuation of Life into another realm, we will not be having a service, rather we’ll have a Huge Celebration of Life in Terry's honor sometime in the summer.  Terry always enjoyed a good party, so we’ll get together and rock out!  It’s a fitting tribute to a man who made everyone smile.


Terry was ... and continues to BE ... a Divine Expression of Joy.  He was a wonderful demonstration of a Life Well Lived.  Here's to you, Terry ... you truly made a difference in life!  Many Blessings, My Dear Friend.


To all Terry’s wonderful friends and family, know that you played an extraordinary role in his life.  He treasured your friendships and held you dearly in his Heart where you will remain forever.


Many Blessings to all of you!  Keep sharing your Love and Light, the legacy that Terry left us … Together we Light up the world!


Peace and Love,


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