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May Ristich

Instructor - Gill, Massachusetts


Have you ever read a book, attended a workshop, listened to a teacher or mentor and the information was so compelling and answered a deep yearning, that you knew with absolute certainty that you wanted more of whatever it was? And at the same time, there was a voice inside that was fearful, anxious and wanting to distract you from following through on that yearning? Yes, after 40years of being a meditator, I have had many of such experiences. It was not until I attended my first Arche seminar that I was able to identify my all knowing yearning of my soul to understand its purpose and become more aware of my Divine Nature versus my subconscious which is the inner child and that part of our consciousness does not like change and is not interested in spiritual pursuits. This is that idea that we are Spiritual beings having a human experience and everytime we, the soul, have a breakthrough and begin to realize our spiritual potential our subconscious initially resists and is anxious. After that two day Arche workshop, the new and old ideas that were presented required practice and a lot of courage and time so that these new ideas could become a part of my daily life. The people who were a part of Arche, the message and the energy was so familiar that it began to take hold right away.


Looking back, my life had always been directed to unfold or unlock a higher purpose. I was a child of the 60’s where we questioned all authority and we wanted something different than what we saw, in the world. There was an overall yearning for Peace, Love and enlightenment. I read books, attended workshops and self-help seminars: all of which led me to the Arche Philosophy and meditation. Until I attended the Arche seminar, I had this idea that in order to be enlightened or more spiritual, I had to limit my human comforts(using St Francis as a model)That may have been fine for ancient times, but it was so freeing to understand that we need to nourish our soul for self-realization and to allow the inspiration of the Divine in through meditation, and we need to nourish and provide comfort for our subconscious too.At the time, this was one of those “AH HAH moments” where the idea of enlightenment could go hand in hand with enjoyment too.


I began to travel, for work, and instead of being surrounded by the beauty of nature in Western Massachusetts, the next few years were spent in urban and city environments for long periods of time. For me, this encouraged me to seriously meditate regularly and to improve my communication with my subconscious too. By then, there were Arche topics that were available on cassette tapes and those were helpful in my self-realization process..


Eventually, I thought that myself and my friends, could benefit from a tune-up. Plans were made to have Rosita, Phd and Director of Arche come to Massachusetts. My good friend, Robin Paris and I made a schedule and plans for the week and called and wrote letters to all of our friends and the rest is history. We filled up the room for all the events that we had come up with for the week.It was that visit that I knew with absolute certainty that whatever this philosophy was, I wanted more and more of it.


I traveled to Oak Park, regularly, sitting in on classes and seminars. Robin and I sponsored Arche workshops in Massachusetts as often as we could. I traveled the world with Rosita, initially I was the “student” asking as many questions as I could to learn as much as I could. Eventually we traveled as spiritual companions sharing the knowledge of how the Universe works with the serious seekers.


31 years ago, myself and a group of friends, in Massachusetts, whose quality of life had improved physically, emotionally and spiritually from having worked with the Arche philosophy, dusted off and fixed up an existing classroom space and began to advertise for Arche classes.


The Arche message remains the same: we have a simple, ancient philosophy that enables each person to dust off and lift the veils that have obscured their Divine Nature and identification of the human or subconscious that they are living with and how to nourish, comfort and direct the inner child. We have techniques, tools and lots of exercises that require practice and determination and that allows each to grow and express compassion, peace, wisdom and love.


My forever friend, Rosita, has moved onto another realm, but I am grateful for her commitment and research and her legacy lives on through every person she has touched with her love, wisdom and light.


So my friends, it is no accident that you are here and reading my story or Sandy’s story. Would you like to take the time to think and dream about what you want physically, emotionally and spiritually and have a simple down to earth philosophy and the tools and techniques to bring all of it to LIFE for you??

We welcome the opportunity to share the knowledge with you !!

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