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Saturn Program

Our four separate, intensive 6-month programs include private tutoring sessions for those Souls who yearn to become their fullest Authentic expression and fulfill their purpose in life.

Become who you were always meant to be ~

You are a unique individual … thank goodness! Only you can share all the special qualities you have to offer; and we all have exceptional abilities within us. But how do you bring these out to your fullest extent? How do you become the best version of you?

The Saturn Program is our most intensive program created for those who yearn for their fullest Authentic expression. Using a simple, ancient philosophy, Saturn helps free your Soul from limitations and create a well-designed life plan to fill all your spiritual and worldly needs, explore new parts of yourself, and align yourself to new opportunities.

Discover your purpose in life …

It’s simpler than you think. It’s like weeding a garden … You’ll learn to eliminate anything that’s holding you back to reveal all the beauty that remains. When you let go of experiences that no longer makes sense in your life, relationships that damage your growth, old belief systems that sabotage your success, you free yourself to see who you really are and discover your authentic calling in life. You’ll even explore your past life to get an overview of your true history reconnecting with past talents, relationships and freeing yourself from limiting past experiences.

The Saturn Program opens your awareness to your Soul identity, your Authentic Self, giving you greater clarity into your purpose. Your life becomes a fulfilling, exciting adventure, complete on every level.

Set yourself free …

Saturn is our most intensive program designed to give you support every step of your path. Arche offers four Saturn Programs, each six months in length, which meet on a weekly basis. It includes private tutoring sessions whenever you need extra help to make the most of your program

Begin Your Journey of a Lifetime …

Students often refer to their lives as “before and after” Arche as they awaken to live their best life. Join us for our next program! **The Saturn Program is for continuing students only who’ve already taken our Blueprints for the Soul Class or our Magic of Mindfulness Seminar. Either of these Programs are a prerequisite to attend as we build on information and techniques already established.

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